Weeding Out the Bad Apples

The value of Employment Background Investigations
by Arik D. Lindsay, Chimera Investigative Group

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Choosing the BEST employees for key positions could literally mean the SUCCESS or FAILURE of your company. Although there is no way to guarantee that you have hired the right person for your company, an employment background investigation could help you stack the deck in your favor and weeding out the bad apples. 

In fact, I believe an employment background investigation is critical if you want to hire productive, qualified, honest employees with high morale and reduced tardiness/absenteeism. Remember, choosing the right employees for key positions could literally mean the success or failure of your company, so it is important to think of an employment background investigation as an investment and not an expense. It is extraordinary to think that one single employee could bankrupt a company but it happens everyday. If you compare the minimal cost of an employment background investigation to the value of your company, there should be no hesitation but to have an employment background investigation done on every hire.

Furthermore, an employment background investigation often heads off future cases of employee theft or fraud, saving you and your business thousands of dollars. Whether you need an employment background investigation to simply verify of the honesty of an application for an Associate position, or an in–depth employment background investigation of a prospective new CEO, the value of quality information about job candidates that can be found in an employment background investigation cannot be overstated.

After all, an employment background investigation may not be able to help you find the “right” person for your job, but it can certainly help you to avoid the “wrong” one. That makes an employment background investigation priceless.

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