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It’s hard to believe that ShoutOUT Tampa Bay launched only four short months ago, but in that time, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds! Not just in numbers, but in community-feel. What I’m truly loving about the is the increasing posts and growing recognition for other’s businesses or promotion of another’s events…or even sweeter, a ShoutOUT for someone behind-the-scenes that worked hard to put an event together, did an exceptional job, exhibited great customer service, etc. There are a lot of kind-hearted people and I am proud to say, SOTB is achieving what is sought to achieve…community. I’m happily affirming that goodwill and the power of recognition is not lost. I witness it morphing each day, week, and month. Sending a heartfelt ShoutOUT to friends, supporters, and family of ShoutOUT Tampa Bay!

As many know, we’re also in the throes of prepping for a much-anticipated launch event at Bowled Restaurant March 6th, 3-5pm. Our event will simply be a Meet-n-Mingle where everyone can come meet ShoutOUT Tampa Bay, businesses and the community can mix and mingle, and above all, just have fun. There has been an outpouring of support from the community and businesses as we’re receiving donations for door prizes and goodie bag items. I have no doubt this is going to be an incredible event! Make sure to check out our Sponsor Page for a list of our generous sponsors.

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page for the amazing ShoutOUTs or to post one of your own. We’re also on Twitter: @ShoutOUT_TB.

Until next time…keep ShouttingOUT Tampa Bay!

About ShoutOUT

Founder of ShoutOUT. Love to discover, share, and connect my community to events, businesses, and services locally, nationally and internationally.
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