ShoutOUT Shopper Review: Best Buddies Dog Boutique and Bakery, St. Pete Beach

The Adventure Begins

This past weekend, a friend of mine (and fellow dog lover), were on a mission! I wanted to get to Best Buddies Dog Boutique and Bakery on St. Pete Beach and pick up something special for my little Jack Russell/Chihuahua dog named Maria, as an after-Christmas-sorry-we-got-a-kitty-makeup gift. I was truly excited about exploring Best Buddies after talking to the owner Alan Ronay via email and reviewing his website and blog prior to posting a ShoutOUT. I couldn’t wait to check out all the goodies his store held.


Let me just say that I was not disappointed! The store is situated on the Gulf side of Gulf Blvd in a two-story building. Walking inside is a treat for the eyes and if I had brought my precious Maria, she would have been into everything.

A display case of all natural baked doggy treats was the focal point upon entering the store. As we began to scan the room, we realized Alan had a bit of everything. From engravable dog tags to uniquely designed/colored collars and leashes, plush bedding & crates, accessories, dog food, doggy clothing, toys, treats, and more.

Alan mentioned that he’ll be getting more doggy furniture in soon, as well as Harley-themed items.

My Goodies

I couldn’t leave without picking up some doggy treats from the bakery. Alan had Snowman bon-bons that were too cute for words and on sale! Alan was a sweetheart and threw in another vowing that Maria would devour the first. So we left with a couple in hopes that Maria would be thrilled!

Plus, I found this amazingly soft blanket, that came in assortment of colors (blue, brown, yellow), and snagged one of those for my pup to snuggle into.

Checking Out

As we were checking out, to my delighted surprise, Alan gave me a bag-full of sample dog food and treats to take home for my pup to try.

I inquired about the Pet Concierge, which Alan explained was their eco-friendly online-only Dog Magazine: He is on the look-out for advertisers and mentioned that they can contact him directly.

True Test

So….the true test of the adventure now was bringing the items home. My pup ADORED….NAY SCARFED…down the bon bon and begged for more (thank goodness Alan threw in the other bon bon)! Her blanket is gingerly arranged on the couch where she has spent many loungeful hours snuggling…and where the kitty, by the way, has tried to steal some zzz’s too.

My recommendation, go check out Best Buddies Dog Boutique and Bakery. Cool place with a variety of items. If you’re looking to advertise in Pet Concierge magazine, give Alan a shout: 727.386.8364


The store itself was nicely decorated, inviting, very clean and Alan was very helpful, answering whatever questions we had, and was incredibly friendly.

Quality of items is higher-end and definitely well made. Loved that these items were not your average run-of-the-mill doggy accoutrements. There was a splendid, colorful variety, which was FANTASTIC! Undoubtedly a great place to go if you’re searching for something unique. Not to mention the incredible array of bakery treats that the pups will love.

Price-wise, they were in-line with what I expected for a boutique, and taking into consideration that items were unique and well made definitely lent to their increased value and desirability. There was a great selection of all natural bakery items, which were moderately priced.

More Information

Be sure to check out his website:

And blog:

Best Buddies Dog Boutique and Bakery is located at:
6498 Gulf Blvd
Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706

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