RAREMeetups™ – Connecting the Community

by Heather Lindsay Sell

I love when my quest for finding the “unfindable” or hop-linking between sites whisks me to a new incredible find. Just discovered this amazing site called RareMeetups™, created as a way for patients and families fighting various rare and genetic diseases a forum and means to connect within their communities and tap into the resources available locally. “Through RareMeetups™, patients and families fighting different rare and genetic diseases can connect in their local communities and take advantage of what others have learned about local resources such as finding good local medical specialists, establishing good school care and IEPs, locating state/county/regional social services … and the list goes on!” RareMeetups™ is run by the patient advocacy organizations, Global Genes Project, and is a non-profit organization aimed at increasing “rare disease awareness, public and physician education, building community through social media and supporting research initiatives to find treatments and cures for rare and genetic diseases.” For more information on connecting and to get involved with RareMeetups™, visit: https://globalgenes.org/

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