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As a telecommuter, it can be a challenge to network professionally. Though I’m in constant contact with my colleagues through Instant Messaging channels and email, bumping into an exec in the halls just doesn’t happen as frequently when you work from home.

A few resources that I’ve become acquainted with and which have proven useful are the following:

  • LinkedIn allows you to connect with those you’d like to network with (clients, co-workers, job resources, etc.) and is located at web site address:
  • Networking for Professionals at website provides a tool to conveniently network for busy professionals. Membership rates are free for those living/working outside of NY, CT, GA, or IL while in those states membership is at a minimal monthly cost. Services are online networking and business networking events.
  • There’s also a website that provides local meetup opportunities for others working from home:

There are other sites as well as really good books relating to the subject of successful telecommuting and professional networking. I’ll continue to update this blog with additional resources as I come across them.

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