Never let them see you sweat!

Credit: Tampa Bay Business Journals

Credit: Tampa Bay Business Journals

Highlights from the Tampa Bay Business Journal Mentoring Monday
by Heather Sell, ShoutOUT Tampa Bay, April 9, 2017

I have never been to a networking event where everyone, and I mean EVERYONE – mentees to mentors to sponsors – were as friendly, welcoming, and open to conversation as I experienced at the recent Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Mentoring Monday April 3, 2017. I left feeling wholly re-charged, energized, hopeful and almost giddy from the experience.

Photo: Tampa Bay Business Journal

Photo: Tampa Bay Business Journal

This 3rd annual Mentoring Monday event was held at the Metropolitan Ministries facility in Tampa, FL. Cathy Bessant, Bank of America Chief Operations and Technology Officer, was the keynote speaker kicking off the event with a fireside chat led by TBBJ’s Financial Editor, Margie Manning.

Over 40 mentors and 300 attendees converged in Tampa Bay for a speed-mentoring event where mentees had the opportunity to garner advice and meet in 7-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions with influential and amazing women leaders spanning a diverse range of industries.

The Tampa Bay gathering was one of 43 other Business Journal-held mentoring events that occurred simultaneously across the country, from Albany to Honolulu, involving over 8,600 women and 1,700 women mentors. Nothing short of astounding!

Cathy Bessant’s fireside chat was not only inspiring, but timely and on-point. I’ve included some of the highlights from her chat below:

  • Advice on keeping current with changes and trends: Use and recognize every resource and learning opportunity available. Constantly seek out opportunities and grow.
  • Learn through failure: You won’t be successful until you’ve had difficult times. Success comes from failure. Learn from it and apply going forward. Remember managers and interviewers need to know how you handle and learn from those failures and setbacks and how you were able to pick yourself up and move forward.
  • Handling difficult situations and adversity: When handling difficult situations, remember to exhibit grace and dignity in everything you do. Hold your head high and never let anyone see you sweat in the diversity.
  • Mentoring with a purpose: Cathy believes mentoring should involve outcomes. “Mentoring with a Purpose” transcends the “getting to know each other” phase of traditional mentoring, building on the relationships and translating those interactions into actionable outcomes.
  • Considering mentees: When considering a mentee to mentor, Cathy evaluates the potential mentee on 3 characteristics: Performance, Intellectual curiosity and problem-solving, and Resiliency.
  • Appearance: Dress so people remember YOU, not your clothes. Ask yourself, “When I walk into a room, do I feel competent, in-charge, and that no matter what life throws at me, I can handle it?” OWN how you show up.
  • Selling yourself: Identify skills you possess and have developed throughout your life, then tie those elements into and make relevant to the job you have, the opportunity you’re applying, or the promotion you are pursuing. To help you in this endeavor, go online and check out 100 resumes that relate the position.

Warmest thanks to the Tampa Bay Business Journal and presenting sponsors Metropolitan Ministries and Bank of America for such an amazing and memorable event! I thoroughly enjoyed the cookies, salads, and fresh sandwiches provided by Inside the Box Catering and much appreciation to the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Home Shopping Network (HSN), and Hyde Park Village for their participation and helpful resources provided.

And most importantly, a heartfelt thanks to all of the mentors that donated their time and advice, not only to us but the women of the Metropolitan Ministries community. Such a phenomenal affair and one that I look forward to next year!

Heather, ShoutOUT Tampa Bay

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