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by Heather Lindsay Sell, ShoutOUT, October 22, 2017

Disclosure: Red Gate Beauty provided me with a LipSense liquid lip color and gloss to try and review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own and based completely on my own honest thoughts, perceptions, and experiences. 

LipSense Fire-n-Ice


Lipstick that actually stays on my lips? What kind of sorcery is this?

It’s nice to have that put-together makeup look with a touch of lip color, but honestly, having to reapply lipstick several times throughout the day is not only off-putting, but sometimes impractical. And with the numerous events I’m invited to or participate in, it’s not always possible to keep the color fresh especially with eating, drinking, or licking my lips.

Enter LipSense. I first learned about LipSense by SeneGence® at a vendor event last year and thought to myself, “Wow! How awesome if it actually works. Wouldn’t that be nice to have my lipstick stay on and not have to worry about my lips disappearing and having to  reapply 20 times during the day.”

LipSense colors



Of course, I was skeptical of these claims. I mean seriously. We’ve all heard them before, right? And honestly, the cost was a bit deterring for me – $25 color and $20 for the moisturizing gloss. The deterrent wasn’t as much the cost IF it truly worked, because I knew the price would equal out to the cost of replenishing the multiple lipstick tubes I’d be replacing because of reapplying throughout the day. Instead, my thoughts were, “What if it doesn’t measure up and truly give me long-lasting coverage? Or if it dries out my lips and I still can’t use it? I just spent all this money and what if it doesn’t live up to the hype, or I don’t like the color on me?”

So, when Sonya Thompson, an Independent Distributor for LipSense at Red Gate Beauty, offered me the opportunity to try out and review both a LipSense liquid lip color and the moisturizing gloss, I ecstatically said “Yes!” and jumped at the opportunity!

For my color, I chose the Fire-n-Ice frosty, cool pink (shown below) along with the Glossy Gloss. There’s also a matte gloss (pictured on the right) if you prefer less shine.

photo of LipSense Fire-n-Ice liquid lipcolor



So here’s what I was personally looking for when I tested LipSense. Is the lip color truly long-lasting? It boasts to last anywhere between 4-18 hours. Do I even like the color? Is it waterproof, smudge-proof, feather-proof, non-drying and will it endure the rigors of the events and outings I attend?

Do I love it? I DO! I DO!

After trying LipSense, I’m a believer. And it definitely lives up to the hype. I can justify paying a little more for this because there’s not a need to reapply throughout the day and it truly is a long-lasting lip color. There’s a beautiful selection of colors I can choose from including the subtler, lighter shades and the product doesn’t dry out my lips. In fact, after I applied it, I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything at all, it was so lightweight, retained not only the color but the moisture on my lips. It lasted over 8 hours for me! There was no feathering, smudging, and when I drank coffee, it didn’t end up on my cup. It stayed on my lips. And I loved the color.

Photos when I first applied (left photo) and 8 hours later (right photo):

First application and 8 hours later









3 Things I discovered when using LipSense: 

  • Lips tingle – When I first applied the color, there was a slight tingling on my lips. Nothing unpleasant, but just for awareness. The tingling doesn’t last but for a few seconds and is just during the application process. The tingling sensation is evidently caused by the “cosmetic-grade Denatured Alcohol which creates a bacteria-free environment on the lips…and is noticed more when a person has very dry lips. It is normal for as much as the first two weeks of use.” [Sonya, Red Gate Beauty]. More info
  • Apply all 3 layers as instructed – Follow the instructions and apply all 3 layers of the color as recommended. This will ensure you’re color stays all day. I found out the first time I did this when I only applied 2 layers in comparison to the next day when I applied 3 layers. Better coverage.
  • Cover your lips – My first application I didn’t fully cover the bottom of my top lip and as a result, didn’t keep the coverage in that spot. The next day, I made sure to cover the entire lip and it was flawless.

LipSense offers over 40 colors, available in warm, cool, and neutral tones, along with other limited-time seasonal lip shades. They also offer lip liners, balms, volumizers, and glosses. Plus, you can layer the colors to create your own look, which opens up the window to lots of fun experimentation and a variety of colors.

There are a couple…okay, several, other colors on my wish list to try next: Lexie Beary, Violette, and Luv it (shown below):

LipSense Collage Wish list





A bit more info on LipSense products: LipSense is a liquid lip color, not a lip stain. Both the lip color and moisturizing gloss must be used together to get the full, long-lasting effect. Again, you can choose from a Glossy Gloss or a Matte Gloss depending on your preference. The products are lead-free, wax-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, made in the USA and not tested on animals.

Wanna try LipSense? Sonya at Red Gate Beauty is offering 15% off on her website to all of my fabulous readers so you can also try out LipSense. Just enter the coupon code bloggymoms15 at checkout:

Once you order and try, please come back here and let me know what you think of the product. I’d love to hear your impressions.

Contact info for Sonya and LipSense Red Gate Beauty
LipSense Website:
Contact: Sonya Thompson #379174


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    I love these lipsticks. I just recently tried them for the first time and I was impressed

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