Guest Blogger: What is Stealing YOUR Style

What is Stealing YOUR Style

by Lisa K. Ford

We take care of our skin, workout and eat healthy but sometimes we forget to take more than a passing glance at how our wardrobe choices are prematurely aging us; STOPlooking older than you feel.

Here are just a FEW TopSTYLE Stealers

ILL- Fitting Undergarments

With 12 years of experience in the intimate apparel business this is my TOP Style Stealer; bulging back fat from a poor fitting bra, unsupportive brassiere dragging you down and visible panty lines that kill the whole LOOK.

First, purchase a better bra that;

·         The band does not ride up in the back.

·         You should be able to fit one finger, only, underneath the band in the back.

·         From your side profile your cups should slant upward.

·         When all else fails call an expert to properly fit you in a bra. 

Second, purchase panties with precision-cut edges (seamless panties).  If you opt for shape wear ensure that it does not create a muffin top where the garment ends. 

THEWorkout Wardrobe

This is the wardrobe that keeps on working even if you are NOT!!!  There is a time and a place to don your yoga pants, jog bras, oversized tees and tennis skirts.  That would be on the elliptical machine or when you are painting the house.  NOT when you are partaking in activities that do not make you break a sweat.

Photo: Fanpop

There are a lot of alternative wardrobe pieces that will provide comfort without looking like you just cleaned the house.  Here are just a FEW; Stretchy jeans (NOT pajama jeans), knit dresses or long tunic tops with leggings.

Even YOUR Mom Should NOT Wear those Pants

Do not make the mistake in thinking that extra coverage will camouflage your muffin top; it will just draw attention to it.

Flat front, mid-rise with straight or boot cut leg trousers will create a more youthful and slimming look.  About 1” below your belly button is a good gauge to ensure that your pants will be flattering.

Sexless Shoe Selections

Come on you know what I mean those thick, square toed, wide, rubber soled shoes.  They scream FRUMPY!!!    This does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort for style; you can have both with today’s shoe selections.

Wedges, shoes with comfort features and built-in arches are all available in stylish selections.

Golden Girl Color Palette

Soft and Light hues do not have to be ruled out completely but do not cover yourself head to toe in all pastels. 

If pastels are in your color zone pair them in a mod way with a grey trouser or a white denim Capri for summer.  Unsure what colors are best for your skin tone?  Click here to learn more about how to unveil YOUR colors.

Bling Binge

Photo by digitalart
In the case of sequins, rhinestones and metallic, less is more.  

Trade in your rhinestone jeans for a dress with a simple jeweled neckline or a tank top with the same colored sequins or beads. 

No Such Thing as Forever 21

Trying too hard to look hip in leather leggings with 5 inch platform shoes will make you look older than your pretend age.

You can stay on trend by choosing brands that are more age accurate.  Many stores have age perfect fashions to keep you looking stylish (Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Limited, J Crew). 

No Frosting on YOUR Cupcake

“The only real difference between a human being and other mammals is our ability to accessorize”. Unknown   If you do not put a little extra effort into finishing off your ensemble it looks as if you threw in the towel on your personal style.

A scarf, necklace or even earrings will add a little frosting to your cupcake. 

Trilogy Jewelry Set

Avoid the 3 piece sets that are sold together.  You know the matchy-matchy pendant, earrings and bracelet.

 This look will date you so stick with accessories that are contrasting but complimentary.  This is the time you can enjoy being a little bit off!!!

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Lisa K. Ford AICI, is a Certified Image, Color and Style Consultant and Owner of Invent Your Image, LLC. For more information on Invent Your Image, visit: 

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