Guest Blogger: Make Your Social Media Pretty

Make Your Social Media Pretty!
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Make my social media “pretty”? No…I’m not saying to give it a makeover by adding on new heels and a designer dress. I’m talking about making your Facebook page, website, blog, etc. look interesting the minute someone lands on it. You want to make sure that when someone gets to your page or site that they are hooked enough to stick around a while.

Here are some tips for making that happen:
1.    Make sure you have a professional logo. It is totally worth the money that you would pay to a professional designer to have them do something good for you. It’s all part of your branding and that is the first impression!
2.    Make sure you change up the look periodically. You want to show something different so that people will want to come back again.
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3.    Use video. Simple…get yourself a Flip camera or even use your phone and download or embed video onto your site, page, etc. Better yet…create a YouTube channel and set up a feed for whatever outlets you are using.
4.    Use pictures. Pictures are easy to take, add and change. Give a shout out to your clients, supporters, vendors and partners. Everyone likes to get recognition, and who knows, maybe they’ll send their friend the link because they want them to see their acknowledgments too!
5.    Keep the content fresh and relevant. If you aren’t interested in what you wrote, chances are they won’t be either.
6.    Consistency, consistency, consistency! Do NOT create a site, page, outlet, whatever and not keep it updated. That is a sure fire way to make someone think you aren’t good at what you do or that you might not even be doing it anymore.
Hopefully, these tips have helped you out a bit. Check out other sites and pages that you like and appeal to you. What makes you return? What makes you jump off right away? Make note and do the same with your page until you see what your audience is reacting and responding to.
Lisa L. Demmi is President and Owner of Cake-sweet Promotional Concepts. Cake-sweet provides Social Media Management, Marketing and more. They strive to solve the marketing and networking equations for you by helping connect the dots resulting in business success and clarity! Services provided are Social Media Marketing, Personal Networking Strategies, Seminars & Training and Promotional Consulting.

For more information and to contact Lisa L. Demmi directly, email or phone: 813.361.2626. Also visit Cake-sweet Promotional Concepts’ website

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