Flying the Friendly Skies – It DOES Exist!

by Heather Lindsay Sell, ShoutOUT®, May 20, 2017
**This is not a sponsored post and is my own personal experience when I flew Alaska Airlines on May 11th.

image of Northwest Deli meal

Northwest Deli meal

I don’t normally gush over an airlines, but Alaska Airlines deserves the flood of love.

My daughter and I flew out on Alaska Airlines last week to move her out to Washington State. I had the immeasurable pleasure of flying Alaska Airlines for the first time and one experience I’m thrilled to share.

The personable crew was nothing short of delightful and took extra time chatting with us throughout the course of the flight. From check-in downstairs at Tampa International Airport to landing in Seattle, it was a truly impressive experience.

image of Toshiba tablets

The amenities provided in-flight were some of the most surprising and rewarding. First, each seat comes outfitted with power and USB outlets to keep your phone and electronics charged throughout the flight. An absolute essential when traveling for 6 hours where you need to stay connected (and your battery sated). I was also surprised that they not only offered free WiFi on-board, but also offered rentable Toshiba android tablets downloaded with new movies and TV series to keep you occupied for the entirety of the trip ($10).

Mediterranean Tapas

Mediterranean Tapas

They didn’t disappoint with their in-flight beverage and food service either. In air, they circulated 2-3 times with drinks and meals, including a gluten-free meal for my daughter – quite tasty! I also had the opportunity to taste-test Crater Lake’s Hazelnut Espresso infused vodka, which I mixed in with Bailey’s and cream for a luxurious libation. Have to find a way to score that vodka here in Florida.

image of Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso infused vodkaIt’s no wonder Alaska Airlines has earned the JD Power recognition 10 years in a row for customer satisfaction amongst “traditional” North American carriers. Totally deserved! Thank you again Suzette, Kris, Manny, and Tom, the crew of Flight# 503 to Seattle on May 11th!  You have resorted my faith that one can still fly the friendly skies.

Now that my daughter is living 3,000 miles away on the opposite corner of the U.S., I’m excited to have an airlines that I know won’t disappoint. Thanks Alaska Airlines! You are my new favorite way to fly and I look forward to our next adventure!


Ways to connect with Alaska Air:
Twitter: @AlaskaAir
Facebook: @AlaskaAirlines
Instagram: @alaskaair


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