Featured Live Your Legacy Summit Speaker: Topher Morrison

ShoutOUT Tampa Bay is a proud media sponsor of the upcoming Live Your Legacy Summit, St. Petersburg, FL. During this unique workshop and networking event, attendees will be empowered with knowledge and road maps to achieve their greatest success by the Summit’s national keynote speakers and mastermind session teachers.

ShoutOUT will be highlighting these speakers here so our readers can get a taste of what to expect at this unique event.

Our first featured speaker is Topher Morrison and one of the morning presenters. His presentation is titled “How to Become a Key Person of Influence: Identify the 5 stumbling blocks most entrepreneurs trip over when creating a legacy and what you can do to jump over them.”

Topher is a best-selling Author and President of Entrevo USA. For more information on Topher and his business, Entrevo USA, visit: http://www.keypersonofinfluence.com/usa

Save your seat for the January 6, 2014 Live Your Legacy Summit at the St. Petersburg Hilton Carillon Park, visit: http://liveyourlegacysummit.com

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