Exciting things on the horizon

We have so many exciting things currently in process, that I just have to share with you!

First, the ShoutOUT®  website is almost complete, thanks to the hard work and collaborative efforts of Limelight Marketing and Liane Caruso. This was part of the $3,000 BizBlast Marketing Competition award that we won recently and am thrilled to have this almost LIVE and ready to share! Huge ShoutOUTs to Liane and her staff for all their hard work pulling this together.

The second bit of exciting news is that we’re going to have our first guest blogger, Julie Larson, from QR Divas!!! Julie’s going to be answering our questions about “QR Codes”, the different types, applications, how they’re applicable to the consumer and business user, and how you would use them.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably started noticing the bar code looking symbols appearing all over the place (see below image) – on business cards, signs, advertisements, etc. – and wondered 1) what are they 2) why are they there and what benefit are they to me? 3) and how do I use them? (Yes, there is an app for that. LOL)

These QR Codes are scannable by smartphones and are packed full of useful information with so many applications. Julie is going to answer all the above questions and more for us. Look for that blog post to be appearing soon with info on how YOU can snag your own QR Code for your business, product, service, or event/fundraiser. ShoutOUT has one:

More to come….until then, Keep ShoutingOUT!


Heather J. Sell is President and Founder of ShoutOUT®Tampa Bay (http://shoutouttb.blogspot.com), a grass roots organization and interactive forum connecting independent businesses and their communities since September 2010.

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Founder of ShoutOUT. Love to discover, share, and connect my community to events, businesses, and services locally, nationally and internationally.
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