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MOSI Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition

Mythbusters The Explosive Exhibition

Mythbusters The Explosive Exhibition

If you pop a Mentos mint then drink a diet Coke, will your stomach explode? Will you get less wet by either walking or running through the rain? Are elephants really afraid of mice? Can one really craft candles from ear wax like Shrek? Inquiring minds want to know!

Armed with my inquisitive mind and my trusty Kodak camera, my daughter and I excitedly headed to the newest exhibit at MOSI – Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition. The exhibit is based upon the hit Discovery channel TV series Mythbusters. This Emmy-nominated reality show “aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends” by applying scientific method with nutty, unorthodox experimentation by the hosts (

Mythbusters Props

Mythbusters Props

In line with the TV Show to prove or disprove myths, the exhibit beckons inquisitive fans to try their hand at some of the same experiments performed by the hosts of Mythbusters. Guests can view over 60 of the actual artifacts recovered from more than 700 experiments conducted on the show. Also sneak a peek at the “buried alive” Human Coffin, the Jet Pack, and the Duct Tape Canoe, as well as many props used during filming. You’ll even meet “Buster”, the show’s legendary crash dummy.

While in the Blueprint “Operations” room, leaf through the blueprint book diagramming previous experiments and participate in a live 10-minute on-stage demonstration where guests are engaged by MOSI Interactors.

A few of the hands-on experiments you’re able to test out include dodging a bullet, hanging

Change like a Superhero

“Change Like a Superhero”

from a cliff, the killer card toss and more. More of the interactive experiments you’ll be engaged in can be found here:

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition is now open at MOSI until May 8, 2014. Photography is permitted, without flash. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) website:

Heartfelt thanks to MOSI for providing complimentary tickets to ShoutOUT Tampa Bay to check out their newest exhibit!

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