Coffee “Wine of the Bean”

Organo Gold Cafe Mocha, Susan Endriss

Organo Gold Cafe Mocha, Susan Endriss

by Heather J Sell, ShoutOUT
January 17, 2014

ShoutOUTs to Susan Endriss, Organo Gold Independent Rep. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Susan and was thrilled to catch up with her at a recent summit where she was serving up hot, delicious Organo Gold coffee! Did I snag a cup? Oh you know I did! My choice? Organo Gold Café Mocha. My reaction? My taste buds were dancing a tango while I bathed my tongue in the savory rich chocolate tones of the mocha frothiness. Oh yeh! I was a happy girl! The two pics I’ve included are how I prepared it at home…delicious alone or with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Organo Gold is available for purchase both wholesale, retail, and as part of an Elite Coffee Club. Indulge in a variety of tea and coffee flavors. Coffee Flavors include Gourmet Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme, Royal Brewed made with Jamaica Blue Mountains Coffee, and more.  Green tea, Black Ice, Red Tea, are some of the teas in their delicious assortment.When asked what the #1 thing is she’d like everyone to know about Organo Gold, Susan enthusiastically responded, “It’s great tasting, robust and has a nice smooth flavor…health in a cup.”

Organo Gold Cafe Mocha, Susan Endriss

Organo Gold Cafe Mocha, Susan Endriss

If you’d like to try a free sample of either Organo Gold coffee or tea, head to Susan’s FB page: and post “Please send me a sample, Susan! ShoutOUT Tampa Bay sent me!” Susan can also help with Fundraising, at-home-parties, and private tastings! Organo Gold is also healthy, made with 100% organic Ganoderma Luciudum. Healthy coffee and tea – gotta love that too!



Contact information:

Susan Endriss, Independent Consultant Organo Gold
Phone: (727) 487-1701
Facebook: OGCafeLadies

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  1. Wow those pictures alone make me want to order some! I’ll definitely try the facebook sample offer.

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