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A Breath of Fresh Air
by Heather Lindsay Sell, ShoutOUT®, February 15, 2017

image front of Salt Serenity Spa business sign

Photo Credit: Salt Serenity Spa

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Did you know there is a salt spa in Seminole, Florida? Me neither, until I connected with Stephanie Cotton and learned more about her family’s new business, Salt Serenity Spa, which opened in December 2016.

Always up for a new adventure and having been keen to try a salt spa, I booked a 45-minute session through Stephanie. How exciting! A new experience.

image inside hallway Salt Serenity Spa

Photo credit: Salt Serenity Spa

Clean, crisp air assailed my senses as soon as I opened the door and entered Salt Serenity Spa. I instinctively inhaled big gulps, drinking in the air’s freshness.  Colleen, Stephanie’s mother and co-owner, guided me to the seating area to remove my shoes and slip on the little blue medical booties to keep dirt from being tracked into the room.

Photo credit: Salt Serenity Spa

Adult Therapy Room Photo credit: Salt Serenity Spa

When I was ready, blue booties adorning my tootsies, Colleen guided me to the group therapy room, which is setup to accommodate up to 5 people and furnished with individual zero-gravity chairs for the ultimate spa-like relaxing experience.

The room was ethereal, glowing from top to bottom with a pink blush emanating from both the surrounding salt lamps on the walls and the luminous floor lights buried underneath almost 2,000 pounds of Himalayan salt.

Tucked into my recliner and snuggled underneath my warm blanket, spa music softly playing in the background, I was ready! The only thing missing was a sleep mask. Colleen dimmed the lights further and shut the door, closing out the bright lights…and the world. Lulled by the music and the gentle hum of the salt machine droning rhythmically while gently dusting the room with a salty mist.

image of salt lamps

Photo credit: Salt Serenity Spa

So, you may ask, “What exactly is a salt room and what are its benefits?” The spa offers what’s called Dry Salt Therapy, or “Halotherapy”, in a spa-like environment. Pharmaceutical grade salt is pumped through a special machine that pulverizes and disperses minuscule salt particles through the room’s air vents. Inhaled, this micronized salt is believed to relieve a myriad of breathing and upper respiratory issues and improve a variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Dry salt, by its very nature, absorbs toxins, allergens, and foreign substances from your body, upper respiratory tract, and lungs.

Is salt therapy safe? It is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive treatment and has been used for years overseas, gradually making its way to the states; however, always make sure to do your research and if concerned or have questions, consult your physician. During my own research, I found an interesting article published by, “What the Heck is Dry Salt Air Therapy – And Do You Need It?” Thought I’d share.

What did I think of my session? I walked out, lips salty, skin a bit softer, allergy headache and sinuses a bit relieved, and feeling overall invigorated.

Children's Salt Room Photo credit: Salt Serenity Spa

Children’s Salt Room Photo credit: Salt Serenity Spa

The sessions at Salt Serenity Spa are in 45-minute increments with both an adult and a children’s salt room available. I love the idea that kids have their own room and can enjoy this too along with their parents. Sessions are $30 for adults and $15 for children.

What to expect: I found the air to be slightly cooler with lower humidity in the therapy room, so the blankets the spa provided came in quite handy. Shoe racks outside the room house your shoes and purse hooks are fastened directly behind each chair in the group therapy room.

Tips: Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water. Small bottled water is available on site, but bringing your own larger size to keep hydrated is recommended. Slip-on shoes make it easier to slide off and on before and after the treatment. Turn off your cell phone before entering and enjoy the relaxation.

Will I return for other sessions? Absolutely! Especially when my allergies are at full bloom.

Pros: Low-cost, convenient hours, relaxing, comfortable chairs, friendly staff, tranquil environment, kids can participate along with their parents.

Cons: Only 1 therapy room is available in a group setting where others might also be sitting in the room with you. This is a minor con for me as the sessions are quiet in nature with chairs separated for individual space.

Salt Serenity Spa is located at 13027 Park Blvd, Seminole, FL 33776 in the Portobello Square Shopping Center. To book an appointment and for more information, call (727) 820-1309. Follow on Facebook: @SaltSerenityFlorida

Once you go, let us know what you think and be sure to tell them ShoutOUT® sent you!

Deepest thanks to Stephanie and Colleen for giving me a tour of their new spa and for patiently answering all my questions. I’m truly looking forward to my next appointment.


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