About ShoutOUT®

About ShoutOUT® 

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ShoutOUT® is based in Largo, Florida. A “grassroots” organization, created to support local businesses and events, while building relationships, keeping our economy strong and strengthening our community. ShoutOUT provides targeted opportunities to increase connections for small businesses and events in the community. Our goal is to make connections and build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships within our community…one ShoutOUT® at a time.

What we do: 
Simply stated, we provide a social media forum to post “ShoutOUTs” for independently- and privately-owned businesses, local events, fundraisers, and people behind-the-scenes. We’re trying to build awareness for businesses right here in our area that people might not know about, while encouraging cross-promotions and community involvement. We also give “ShoutOUTs” to people in the community that deserve a bit of recognition for the hard work they do, the support they give, and the honors they might receive from others.
About ShoutOUT’s Founder:
Heather J. Sell is President and Founder of ShoutOUT® Enterprises, Inc. (http://shoutoutinc.blogspot.com), a “grassroots” organization connecting independent businesses and their communities. Since theTampa Bay chapter’s September 2010 launch, the interactive forum which supports and celebrates community.
Heather earned her MBA in Organizational Psychology and Development at Chicago’s American Intercontinental University. In 2011, she won LocalShops1.com BizBlast $3,000 Marketing Competition and Startup Nation.com Leading Moms in Business awards. She resides in Largo, Fla. and frequently participates in community-based events promoting independent retailers, animal rescue groups and breast cancer awareness. She works full-time in IT Security at a national bank, while maintaining the ShoutOUT communities in her spare time and on her own dime.
ShoutOUT Offers:
Event CalendarFree Member Directory (community & businesses), Inexpensive Advertising, Community Partnerships, Resources, OPPOR-Tuesdays (Job Opportunities job seekers/employers),Blogging opportunitiesShoutOUT® Ambassador Spirit Awards, and more.
You can reach Heather via email at contact@shoutoutinc.com.

About ShoutOUT

Founder of ShoutOUT. Love to discover, share, and connect my community to events, businesses, and services locally, nationally and internationally.
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