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Do you PACARI?

Photo of Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Muffins

My senses melted in the smooth texture and bold flavors of the raw chocolate drops and how they lazily lulled around on my tongue like a puppy rolling around in the summer grass with wild abandon, feet up and tongue out.

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“Datz” a Wrap

Datz-a-Mary Bloody Mary Mixes

[…]I came home [from the Food and Wine Conference] and turned over the various creative ways I could incorporate [Datz-a-Mary Bloody Mary Mixes] into my recipes. #FWCon #SOFWCon

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Undressing my Tastebuds: Out of the Weeds

Photo of bowl of Sweet Potatoes & Couscous with Carrot Ginger Dressing

by Heather J Sell, ShoutOUT®, July 24, 2015 #SOFWCon #FWCon Attending the 2015 Food and Wine Conference this past weekend in Orlando was an amazing adventure! My head is still spinning from all the information garnered from the insightful workshops, … Continue reading

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