Make Your Business Sizzle-Summer/Fall Workshop Series with JULO Strategy

June 27, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Summer is a great time to grow your business by working ON your business. With clients or customers out of town or on vacation, this is the perfect time to plow through what you have put on hold. Get organized and ahead of the game for the rest of the year.

Once Labor Day rolls around, you will have a jump start on the competition as you head into the busier fall and winter seasons.

These workshops are just some of the many ways to continue to grow your business during the summer months and prepare for Success! It is designed to give you knowledge, resources and the right mindset (CEO Mindset) to get you moving forward.

Summer is the ideal time to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS. Stop doing it all! Take a stay-cation that will get you in the right mindset. Prevent the Summer Burn on your business and get the Summer Sizzle

Start the morning (9:30 am -11:30 am) with great content from leading experts in the Tampa Bay area and then head to the Beach. You deserve it!

Our Workshops are full of information to keep you and your business moving forward and ready for your relaxed and refreshed clients in the Fall.

Wed June 27th Finding Ideal Clients? What is a Red Rope Policy?
Guest Speakers: Juliann Nichols, JULO Strategy Where are all my clients?

Wed July 11th Tech, Tech, Tech
Guest Speakers: Karen Koch, Why Computer needs a Checkup!
Cary Showalter, ShowTech Solutions, Preparing for a Business Disruption (It’s Hurricane Season)

Wed August 8th Marketing! Digital Content, Video, and Networking
Guest Speakers: Ericka Watson, Certifed Content Writer; Why do I need a content writer?
Jeremy Hicks, Paper Jacket Marketing; Why do I need Video for my business?
Andrew Machota, New Town Connections-Networking Smart not wasting time

Wed Sept 12th Income and Profit, When I get it, How do I Keep it?
Guest Speakers: Lori Nadglowski, Laurel Wealth Management-Why every Business needs a Certifed Financial Planner
Jennifer Ray, Sr. Manager Tax, Frazier and Deeter, What’s new with the IRS and how does it affect business owners?

Wed October 10th Systems and Processes to prepare you for Growth
Guest Speakers: Nick Snapp,
Brook Borup, My Clone Solutions

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