Free Tequila Tasting – Terremoto Distillery

April 11, 2017 @ 11:00 pm – April 12, 2017 @ 12:00 am
Red Mesa Cantina

FREE Terremoto Tequila Tasting! You’e going to want to hear this… (taste this!) Read on!
CALL NOW TO RESERVE SEATS! (Limited seating) 727-896-8226 ext 2.
We tend to roll our eyes when someone shows up with a flavored Tequila – of any sort! That said, we sat down and sipped our way through a lot of Terremoto Tequila’s four expressions – not your usual aged variations, but flavor variations! A Plata with a hint of Agave Nectar; a Gold that blends aged tequilas with a bit of Agave Nectar; a jalapeno and lime infused tequila; and get this… a Cinnamon Churro infused Tequila, which our in-house Tequila Maestro describes as, “…if tequila and donuts had a baby!”

But, we didn’t throw them out because, well, frankly, they are delicious!

You have to come and try these for yourself! Expand your palate and reset your opinion-crusted brain based on your what your tastebuds report back! We did and we’re impressed!

AND, as we always do, we have a drawing and the Terremoto Ambassador will personally hand the winner their very own personal bottle of Terremoto Churros Tequila!

Always informative and fascinating, these monthly gatherings are a great way to fully appreciate the different flavors of tequilas within a single brand. This vertical sampling helps you appreciate the ways tequila can be refined and improved through careful distillation and aging, and in this case, flavoring!

Call, sign up, and we’ll see you at 7:00pm Tuesday, April 11th.

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