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Flying the Friendly Skies – It DOES Exist!

Mediterranean Tapas

I don’t normally gush over an airlines, but Alaska Airlines deserves the flood of love. I had the immeasurable pleasure of flying Alaska Airlines for the first time and one experience I’m thrilled to share. #iFlyAlaska @AlaskaAirlines @AlaskaAir

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Chilling Like Elsa

Looking onto anti-chamber and cryo-chamber
Photo credit: USCryotherapy Tampa

Afterwards, my face echoed a nice blushing color from the excited blood bouncing around.

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Around Town: Salt Serenity Spa, Seminole, FL

Adult Therapy room 
Photo Credit: Salt Serenity Spa

The room was ethereal, glowing from top to bottom with a pink blush emanating from both the surrounding salt lamps on the walls and the luminous floor lights buried underneath almost 2,000 pounds of Himalayan pink salt. #thingstodo

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