DeeShee’s Scandic Catering

Phone: 813-340-6330
Twitter: @deesheescatering

DeeShees’s Scandic Catering is a new Scandinavian catering company here in Tampa Bay. We are extremely unique and different! You will not find another company like us here in the US.

Our main goal is to provide a memorable experience to the many residents here in Tampa Bay. DeeShee’s will offer an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to experience a taste of the Scandinavian culture without having to board a plane.

We take tremendous pride in the products that we prepare and our customer service. We strive to become a well-known and unique brand within the Tampa Bay area. We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement and we want our clients to feel as though they can voice their concerns and opinions and be able to provide us with feedback. We hope that when our clients taste our products, they take notice of our love for the Scandinavian culture and the pride and passion we put into our food.

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