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Accessoreez, Unique custom wearable art jewelry
We are a team of artisans who create custom wearable art inspired by nature infused with lots of high fashion and affordability. We extend the life of your current wardrobe and provide the perfect accessories for that special outfit. We give you A-List celebrity custom jewelry and accessories with your style and budget in mind.
Our team of two sisters and one hubby brings unique wearable art to
you online and on location. Find our line at and on location at various art, fashion, networking, women, and live events in Florida and around the nation. Designed in the artisan way, we create jewelry worn by celebrities of all walks of life. Because there is a celebrity in each of us!
Whether you’re a single mom, an A- celebrity, a unique grandmother or a business woman, Accessoreez highlights the beautiful star that you are. Our handmade accessories are made by hand in the artisan way. Just like the individual that you are, no two jewelry pieces are alike.

Worn and owned by A-list celebrities such as Natalie Cole, these custom bangles, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, pins, rings, pendants, and more are worn by ladies locally and internationally.

Custom Accessoreez accessorizes all your outfits perfectly and you’ll find that they are just the right accents for your wardrobe. Custom jewelry designs offer high fashion styling and helps you stand out above the rest. No more cookie cutter, same ole jewelry found in department stores and worn by everyone else.

Fearless Women Accessoreez collection. These pieces are designed to be fashionable reminders of how fearless, brave, true, bold, strong, and powerful you can be. To each person, being fearless means something unique. It might mean that you’re committed to rid yourself of past mistakes, overcoming an addiction, a beloved memory. Whatever fearless means to you, these custom accessories are reminders to keep committing to being fearless. Visit

Extend the life of your wardrobe, budget, and maximize your fashion-forward style with one-of-a-kind Accessoreez.

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